Looks like GameStop might be your saving grace if you're looking for a PS5 console.

The moment we have been patiently waiting for has arrived, and guess what? You won't have pimp yourself out or sell a liver to get a PS5.

While Sony is being very methodically when it comes to news about the PS5, new details have leaked, which sheds even more light on the next-gen console's release.

Don't worry, we will let you know when that pre-order link drops, is basically what Sony is telling anxious gamers.

If you were worried there wouldn't be enough PS5's to go around when it the console drops, this news should definitely ease your mind.

Sony has been methodically unveiling its next-generation system, the Playstation 5, and details surrounding it.

Horton made sure to point out that this game is "all about Miles" and that his story is "a critical part of our Spider-Man universe, and you won't want to miss what happens." 

Miles Morales adventure will be a standalone title contrary reports stating it would be another expansion to the previously released Spider-Man game.

Console wars back? It sure as hell seems so after Sony's exceptional PS5 reveal event.

Sony took its sweet time, but our patience was definitely rewarded following today's PS5 reveal event.

Would you sell yourself for a PS5? Some gamers are ready to risk it all ahead of the console's big reveal.

We hope to be pleasantly surprised on June 11, 1:00pm PST as well as blown away by the PS5's game lineup.