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The “boxing” match between Floyd Mayweather and UFC star Conor McGregor ended as expected by most with a 10th round stoppage. While fight fans thought McGregor would be a challenge for the unbeaten pugilist, Mayweather gave the game Irishman a pounding before the referee hopped in to stop the carnage.


It’s a shame this must even be said. The Baton Rouge shooter, Gavin Long, was seen wearing The Money Team attire in some of his YouTube videos, but no, he isn’t a member of Floyd Mayweather’s crew. 

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Floyd Mayweather can do whatever he wants with his money, but this is still a head scratcher. Reportedly, the boxer will be paying for the funeral of Earl Hayes, the Money Team rapper who murdered his wife before killing himself. Reports TMZ: Floyd Mayweather is putting aside some brutal facts and paying for the funeral of […]

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That damn 50 Cent. The Breakfast Club shared audio of Floyd Mayweather attempting to record a radio drop for Power 105, and his reading skills were on full struggle.

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Once a boxer, always a boxer. It seems that motto has never left Floyd Mayweather Sr. as he got into a brief scuffle with fellow trainer and boxing father Ruben Guerrero.

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It was all good just a month ago, right? Last week, after 50 Cent announced that he was leaving “The Money Team,” the notoriously loudmouthed Floyd Mayweather kept quiet. That all changed last night on Twitter. 

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It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Last night on Twitter, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson took to his account to announce that The Money Team is no more. 

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Yesterday, plenty of music and boxing fans were scratching their heads in confusion when news broke that 50 Cent was aligning with Manny Pacquiao to form a promotion company. The irony Fif aligning with the main rival of his buddy Floyd Mayweather—who were partners in TMT (The Money Team) Promotions—didn’t get past anyone. The rapper born […]

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50 Cent is one busy man. Besides the whole rapping thing, the Queens MC is also an officially licensed boxing promoter and has signed Australian IBF featherweight champ Bill Dib to a contract with TMT (TheMoney Team) Promotions, reports Ring TV. Dib joins a couple of fighters who are already rolling with the Money Team;  former […]

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If 50 Cent is anything, the Queens rapper is versatile. Sports Illustrated reports that the G-Unit MC is now an officially licensed boxing promoter in New York City. Fif has established TMT Promotions (think: The Money Team) and is in the process of acquiring a license in Nevada, too. Word is TMT Promotions will be signing […]


Floyd Mayweather 90-Day Jail Sentence Postponed Until June   “Money Mayweather” caught a slight victory yesterday as his 90-day jail sentence was postponed. A judge in Las Vegas Friday gave Floyd Mayweather Jr. until June 1 to turn himself in to serve a 90-day jail sentence for his guilty plea in a domestic violence case, […]