Jordan Peele’s horror masterpiece Us has been dubbed the best film of 2019 and we are here for it.

When Jordan Peele revealed Us to the world, critics immediately questioned if he could duplicate the astronomical success of his first film Get Out? Well, he answered that question with an emphatic yes and exceeded those expectations quite easily.

Jordan Peele done did it again. The renowned actor and director dropped the trailer for his forthcoming new horror movie Us, and Twitter has been reacting ever since. 

It’s finally here. On Christmas morning, Jordan Peele blessed us with the first trailer for his forthcoming new horror movie, Us. 

Busta Rhymes and his young homies on The Conglomerate are back with their new mixtape, Catastrophic, hosted by Shaheem Reid. 

Busta Rhymes and his conglomerate let “Us” know who is at the top with this Lil Reese freestyle.

Funkmaster Flex gets the premiere of the standout track off of Rick Ross’ new mixtape, The Black Bar Mitzvah. Ricky Rozay and Drizzy Drake remix Lil Reese’s song “Us,” which has burning up the Chicago streets all summer.

A look into America’s prison system has wielded an interesting find. For the first time in over forty years, the United States Penal System has seen its prison population decrease, reversing a trend of unparalleled growth seen through the last several decades. Nearly 739,000  men and women were imprisoned last year while an estimated 3,500 […]

One month ago, Maxi Sopo was a free man, resting deep within the embrace of hedonistic wiles. Now, he is probably resisting the aggressively persistent embrace of “Big” Bubba from cell block D, as federal authorities have finally apprehended the flighty criminal. All thanks to the social networking behemoth known as Facebook. Federal authorities claim […]