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“A real Beyotch from the 305, we don’t do Fawked up Shyte.  We don’t play no Fawked up, wack A$$ Beyotch Shyte before a real Beyotch come on stage.”

Quite a mouthful from the Baddest Beyotch, Miami’s own Trina felt the need to address a few issues prior to performing at a party recently.  The proposed fake chick she is referencing, however, is none other than Khia.

Along with Jacki-O, Trina has had beef with Khia for quite some time as Khia was making the claim that she was the HBIC in Miami and completely disregarded the other two for the contributions that they have put in for rap music, as well as pushing the movement forward for female rappers.

After telling things as she sees fit, the intermission breaks and she proceeds to give the fans a little “Face”.

Check the footage here: