9th Annual Memorial Weekend Comedy Festival

Source: JLN Photography/ / WENN

John Witherspoon

Best known as the father who loves to coordinate, John Witherspoon has roots deeply embedded in comedy. From his time alongside Richard Pryor when he had his NBC TV series to Kid ‘n Play in House Party, Witherspoon has made audiences laughed for the latter part of four decades. In Friday, he plays Craig’s dog catching, bathroom stinking father who urges his son to “be a man” in the final act of the film. Since the popularity of the franchises died down, Witherspoon kept himself active by performing stand up on the road at venues and colleges, and starred alongside fellow Friday cast mate Regina King on Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks animated series. Up next for him is a starring role in Aaron McGruder‘s Black Jesus television series.

UPDATE: Rest in Power Pops.

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