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In a recently uploaded YouTube clip, a Black woman and a white couple in Mississippi squared off in a Walmart parking lot over the use of space between their vehicles. During the testy exchange, the couple calls the woman the “n-word” and the situation escalates.

The video was uploaded last Friday with little information other than the incident was filmed in the small town of Armory. From what can be surmised, the group were seen arguing with one another over what the woman says was a dent in her SUV caused by the couple’s SUV.

The man calls the Black woman the “n-word,” which prompts the woman to scream at the man and his wife. The wife is videotaping the exchange from her end, while the Black woman daughter films it from her perspective.

Much doesn’t get resolved, and gets worse when the man tries to justify his n-word usage by implying that all Black people use the term with each other. The woman is emotionally distraught at this juncture, and the video ends with her on the phone with local police.

Watch the video of the Walmart N-word parking lot exchange in Mississippi below.

Photo: YouTube