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With Jay-Z‘s 4:44 comfortably in the hands and headphones of most of the free world by now, leave it to the kid 50 Cent to drop his, ahem, two cents about the project. In a video posted to his Instagram, Fif likened Hov’s latest studio album to “golf course music.”

“I listened to Jay sh*t, that 4:44, I thought the sh*t was alright,” said 50 Cent. “I like the sh*t, but I’m a keep it a 100, it was too smart. I felt I was supposed to be wearing glasses and sh*t.”

The G-Unit general continued saying that Jay-Z and other elder gatekeepers need to let the young generation (See: Migos) shine and ended his salvo by saying the album would be best enjoyed during a round of 18. Yikes.

It appears that 50 was saying it all good fun but knowing how he typically gets down, there’s always truth in the jest.

Peep 50 Cent clowning 4:44 in the clip below.