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Just when Meek Mill seemed to be wiping the slate clean he apparently threw some more shade at his Canadian rival, Drake. On his latest LP Wins & Loses Meek refrained from delving into the years old beef with the 6 God and focused on continuing to build his own Hip-Hop repertoire.

But DJ Akademiks noticed that the clean version of Meek’s “1942 Flows” had a few extra bars that were left off the album cut and low and behold, they seem to be directed to the king of the North.

“Heard they say I talk about my Rollies too much/But them flows you be using sounding stolen too much/500 on my neck, they say I’m glowing too much/Had to block that little bitch because she be blowing me up/You be doing too much, you only looking for attention/Swagger jacking, jacking n*ggas swag, that’s extensious/Came in the culture like a vulture, now you’re winning/But this is the beginning, double M the emblem. For real.”

Drizzy fans will take notice to the first bar which that apparently addresses Drake’s “All you did was write the book on garbage ass Rollies” line on “Lose You” which many felt was a shot at Meek.

Sharp eared listeners also believe that Meek’s use of “extensious” after accusing him of “swagger jackin’” was a play on the name of Florida rapper XXXTentacion, who once accused the 6 God of biting his style from “Look At Me” and throwing it on “KMT.”

Truth is, he kind of has a point.

Either way it seems like Meek tried to keep things peaceful by excluding these bars but now that it’s seen the light of day everyone is wondering will Drake respond in kind? We shall see.