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Amber Rose might want to request a hood pass the next time she’s back home in Philadelphia, this after the social media superstar took a shot at the looks of women in the city. Rose said that women from her part of the world aren’t “traditionally attractive” and Twitter assembled like the Avengers to get at the blond bombshell.

Rose was a guest on the Drink Champs podcast and laid it out plainly as possible while throwing an epic jab at the whole town of Philly.

“I grew up in a very poor neighborhood, and I don’t know how I can say this without sounding f—ed up, but a lot of the people where I’m from aren’t traditionally attractive people,” Rose said. “And for me, being blessed with beauty, as beautiful women know, is a blessing and a curse.”

Well, it didn’t take long for the Twitter massive and crew to get at Rose with the old photos and other such receipts, throwing a series of unrelenting return fire towards her via the social media network.

Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, got back at Rose courtesy of a video response posted by TMZ. However, she dropped some jewels in the process.

We’ve collected some of the responses to Amber Rose’s comments on Philadelphia women and their looks below and on the following pages.


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