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As Cardi B’s popularity grows so does her influence. The Bronx native admits she needs to do better now that so many children look up to her.

On November 2, she took to her Instagram for a humorous video on how she came to realization that she needed to button things up for her little Bardi’s. “You know what y’all I realized after Halloween that a lot of little girls they be looking up to me and they love me and whatever. And it’s like I’m thinking to myself I really need to be a better example.”

Sadly the crowd she keeps isn’t exactly helping the new cause. “But I try to be a better example though but I be hanging out with my hoodrat friends and they f*ck me up all over again,” she explained.

Nevertheless, the soon to be Mrs. Offset wants to make her youngest fans proud. “But I’m going to change for you little-ass girls ’cause I deadass love ya,”

Will Cardi do a 180 and turn into a Stepford wife? We seriously doubt it but at least she knows she has to clean her act up with all these new eyes on her. You can view the post in its entirety below.

Photo: Cardi B. Instagram Screen Cap