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Director Jordan Peele’s Get Out took many moviegoers by surprise as the horror film not only provided scares but also injected some much needed social commentary onto the big screen. The hit flick was nominated and placed in the Golden Globes Awards comedy category, which had fans on social media in a fit.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Get Out’s designation as a comedy comes by way of the Golden Globes not having a horror category to award. The production company submitted the film as such with hopes that it would have a chance to compete and for its main star Daniel Kaluuya to get an opportunity to compete for an individual award.

Twitter has been ablaze with chatter over the nomination, and Peele himself called the film a documentary despite its suspenseful elements. Even actors in the film such as Lil Rel Howery found themselves confused by the nomination and the discussion around it has only increased in the days since. Some observers have noted that the studio’s strategy is sound, but that hasn’t stopped many from reacting intensely to the news.

We’ve collected some of the reaction from Twitter below and on the following pages. What are your thoughts? Is Get Out a comedy, horror, documentary, drama? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section.

Photo: Blumhouse Productions/Monkeypaw Productions/Universal Pictures

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