Pras is revisiting how rappers are watched by the law. He has announced he is working on a television show centered around Hip-Hop cops.

According to an exclusive report by Variety, the Fugees member is partnering with Polygram Entertainment, Universal Music Group’s film and television production division, for a series based on the Rap Intelligence Unit.

The “Ghetto Superstar” rapper was inspired by his peers and own personal dealings with the covert force. “The idea for this project was born out of my own experiences as an artist and hearing about the experiences that others had with the RUI. “We’re excited to develop a show that will not only entertain but inform fans about the world of hip-hop, given its prominence in popular culture” he explained.

While drama is yet to be title it will follow an officer who goes undercover to work a New York based record label and “is exposed to the lavish and intoxicating lifestyle of a hip-hop underworld.” Pras is working Def Jam Records Vice President, and Pusha T manager, Steven Victor on bringing the story to life.

“As the landscape of media and entertainment continues to evolve, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to tell stories, entertain and help our artists build strong connections with their fans. With hip-hop’s growing influence on popular culture, the time is right for this show and I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with Pras to bring this project to life” Victor added.

Officially founded in 1999, though its’ roots go back to the early 90’s, the task force was assembled to strictly monitor the Rap industry. Assignments included profiling artists, executives and the company they kept.

Derrick Parker, the former lead of the secret department, went on to be the face of the niche investigation squad when he retired from the force and release his autobiography The Notorious C.O.P. in 2006.

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