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Colin Kaepernick is standing tall on his position of equality for all. The still former NFL quarterback called out folks who condemned him for protesting the national anthem but praised the work of MLK.

Monday, January 16 marked Martin Luther King Jr. Day and rightfully so millions celebrated the Doctor’s legacy. The former San Francisco 49ers star posted a quote from the late activist that spoke to his current position of being painted as a traitor by the public at large.

Like many others, Kaep noticed several of his disparagers praising King’s work even though the quarterback is fighting for the same dream. While he didn’t personally use 140 characters to speak his mind, his series of retweets spoke volumes about the obvious hypocrisy.

ESPN personality Jemele Hill also shared in his frustration with a meme which also received a retweet from Colin.

Some of the culprits caught not flying straight included Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (who threatened to cut any player that protested during the national anthem), President Donald Trump (who referred to kneeling players as “sons of b*tches”) and Fox News anchor Tomi Lahren (who referred to him personally as having “mouth diarrhea”).

GQ’s “2017 Citizen of the Year” has been unemployed since 2016 which many view as a purposeful blackballing by the NFL due to his protesting. Late last year the free agent filed a grievance against the league citing they colluded with their teams in not hiring him.

Via The Daily News

Photo: Ron Elkman/Sports Imagery/Getty Images

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