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Black Panther is here, and the long-awaited film has already passed the test for the lucky few who’ve seen the film ahead of its wide release on Thursday (Feb. 15). This morning (Feb. 16) on Twitter, the fictional nation of Wakanda became a national trending topic heaping praise upon the Marvel vehicle.

The film’s official debut was marked for today but theaters rolled out the film in early previews nationwide, which no doubt will add to the astounding projections for the President Day’s Weekend holiday haul. Via the trending topic, notable Twitter users and fans alike have shown their adoration for the film and this fervor is expected to last if early reviews are to be believed.

We’ve collected some of the responses and discussion cropping up under the #Wakanda hashtag below and on the following pages. There are also talks of folks ditching work early to book an early flight to Wakanda.

If you’ve already seen the film, hit us off with a comment below.

Black Panther is in theaters today.

Photo: Marvel/Disney

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