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Fox News David Bossie Joel Payne

Source: Fox News / Screen Capture

Fox News has long established itself as a voice for conservative viewpoints, which often trail off into blind allegiance to the GOP and some of its divisive policies. When a Black panelist criticized the situation occurring at the U.S. border on air Sunday (June 24), a former Trump staff said the phrase “You’re out of your cotton-picking mind” in response.

The phrase, which some might recall was made popular by the cartoon character Yosemite Sam and clearly makes a reference to slavery times, was said by former President Donald Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie. This came after Democratic strategist Joel Payne called out the Trump administration for its handling of families at the border attempting to enter the United States from Mexico and the harsh treatment and separation of families.

Payne didn’t back down, telling Bossie that he had relatives who picked cotton and wasn’t going to let Bossie get away with the jab. Fox & Friends host Ed Henry quickly interjected saying that the network didn’t endorse Bossie’s phrase usage or tone, and Bossie later tweeted an apology to Payne and Fox News viewers.

Payne, who has been an active critic of the detention centers at the border and the administration’s handling of the fiasco, doesn’t appear to have addressed Bossie’s tweet but has continued to remain critical of the actions at the border. Payne was also invited onto MSNBC to give his account of what transpired Sunday (June 24).

Photo: screen capture