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Desus & Mero

Source: Vice / Vice

Just when it seemed like Amanda Seales and The Bodega Boys also known as Desus Nice and The Kid Mero had squashed their beef, the leftovers were once again microwaved during the formers Smart Funny & Black show.

It all went down on August 2 in Brooklyn, New York when Desus was engaging in a friendly back-and-forth with Joe Budden on stage when Jumpoff told him “you better knock it out the park.” To this Desus responded, “Or else, what? I don’t get money if I win this sh*t.”

Apparently that comment rubbed Seales the wrong way and prompted her to ask Desus, “Do you just wanna leave?” Desus didn’t make much of the question and simply said they were playing around.

As the show went on Desus seemed to be bombing on stage with a joke that had the crowd groaning to which he responded with, “If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you got this lightskin n*gga here.” Amanda quickly pounced on his comment with, “Y’all gonna berate the crowd the whole time?,” before adding, “If they don’t like it, it’s cause it wasn’t funny.”

Desus saw the writing on the wall and walked off stage before things could get any worse.


As you saw Desus felt that the Insecure actress was “tryin’ to play” him but Amanda felt that Desus’ comments about not being paid was disrespectful and that it came from a drunk and “insecure” person. Truth be told that comment could go either way depending on how you view it, but regardless some people in the audience felt that the host was dragging Desus while on the set (you can peep the entire clip on InstagramTV).

On the bright side at least DJ Envy wasn’t there to make matters ever worse for an obviously frustrated Desus.

Amanda for her part had been beefing with The Kid Mero ever since he cracked a joke about her teeth back in 2012 (yes, that long ago).

And though it seemed like they had gotten past that when she appeared on the Desus & Mero show last year we guess she didn’t let things go.

We hope they talk things out because life is too short to hold grudges over jokes.

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