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Whether it was self-imposed or not, DJ Akademiks has been one of the culture’s favorite punching bags in 2018. But after his ex-girlfriend literally put hands on him, allegedly, and made the notion a reality, the self-proclaimed “b*tch” put her ass in hand-cuffs (U-N-I-T-Y!).

Now said ex, Angelica, took to social media to explain her side of the story after Akademiks claimed that she tried to murder him with two knives and called her a “clout chaser.”

After starting off the video by stating she was “so good to him. I’m loyal, I’m sweet, like – I clean. I do his laundry. I cook. Like, I’m everything a man would want in a woman”—those are some pretty damn good traits to be quite honest.

But according to her that wasn’t enough to keep the controversial DJ from playing with her emotions. “I broke up with him because I was just like tired of all the lies, all the tricks. I felt like I was putting so much in and not getting out.”

Aside from the lies Angelica also claims that Akademiks wasn’t only abusive on a few fronts, but he also had no qualms about raw dogging whoever would let him.

“He will legit f*ck anybody. He will f*ck everybody raw. There was an incident where this girl hit me up and she was like, ‘Ah I f*cked your n*gga blah blah… I was like, ‘Did you guys use a condom?’ She’s like, ‘No.’ Like, how do you not use a condom with a girl that you just met?”

But on top of all that she also accused the Everyday Struggle host of some OD creepish behavior, “Any girl who’s been around AK will say this too. He will not make a move on you until he gets you drunk. Point blank. Period… That is just so perv-y to me.” It is definitely perv-y.

Check out the lengthy card pulling session below and let us know if you think Angelica was justified in trying to jig the “monster/demon” she knows as DJ Akademiks with two bangers below.

Photo: DJ Akademiks

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