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Boss Man Banks Viral Video White Supremacist

Source: Boss Man Banks / Twitter

A man suspected of being a white supremacist learned a valuable lesson in minding one’s own business, this after a viral video showed him bloodied in the face after tossing a bottle at a truck. To add insult to injury, the man was forced to clean the truck he flung the bottle towards.

Details are scant but a Twitter user and rapper by the name of Boss Man Banks recorded the incident and posted in on his timeline on July 20. What can be determined is that Boss Man’s cousin’s truck was the target of the alleged pro-white struggle bottle flinger, and video shows the man bleeding from the face as he cleans up the truck.

Boss Man Banks, as most folks are doing these days, took time to promote his music but to also stand up for our Mexican brother and sisters who have been the target of President Donald Trump’s hate, tagging the former business mogul in a Twitter string which garnered the usual response from the MAGA crowd. It isn’t known if Boss Man Banks is Mexican himself, what with him using the n-word at a rapid rate and all.

Even if the white dude isn’t a racist, this is living proof that you don’t start beef you can’t finish.

Check out the tweet below. A Warning: The video is graphic and features profanity which could be disturbing to some.

Photo: Twitter