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The Amber Ruffin Show - Season 1

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Comedian Amber Ruffin had some choice words for rappers coming out in support of current sitting President, Donald Trump.

On Monday’s (Oct. 26) episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, AmberRuffin laid out on the table exactly what most African Americans in support of change were thinking. During the three and a half minute skit, you see Ruffin attempting to refrain from commenting on the subject of Ice Cube working with Trump, as host Seth Meyers discussed the headlines from the previous week stating that both 50 Cent and Ice Cube were either in support of Trump or working with him, stating that her comments would “go off the rails,” before diving in and allowing her stance to be made clear.

As previously reported, Ice Cube has fallen somewhat out of favor with many after the news he met with members of Trump’s administration to discuss his Contract With Black America policy plan. While the veteran rapper and actor didn’t flat out endorse either candidate, he explained more behind his reasoning for conducting the chat, noting that the Trump administration went with promoting the so-called “Platinum Plan,” a proposed $500 billion investment intended for Black Americans, but unlike Ice Cube, many Black Americans immediately spotted the jig as Ruffin points out.

“What is wrong with you? Why in the butt would you be like, ‘I want a seat at the table to share my ideas,’ when you haven’t been doing the work?” Amber Ruffin began. “You can’t just be like, ‘It’s my turn to play politics now. We take turns.’ No! You do not get a turn. This is not an all skate. You cannot just be like, ’I’ll help create policies for my community.’ People are already doing that and have been doing it for years.”

Ruffin then encouraged all Black musicians interested in making political change to talk to other Black activists and community leaders who have been putting in work for years before using their voice and platform to endorse candidates or speak on subjects that they aren’t well versed in.

“Don’t just bust into the cockpit of a plane talking about, ‘What if we flew the plane upside down?’ This is not where your experience lies,” Ruffin continued. “Look, if you want to be like, ‘This man gives me tax cuts and I worked hard for this money, and it’s more important to me than your education, quality of life, health insurance, blah, blah, blah … ’ Fine. I have no problem with evil people being evil, but don’t try to f**king dupe me with your greedy ass.”

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