Anytime Game decides to let off shots in his series of bars, he always seems to leave damage after. Apparently the Internet has been buzzing and there has been mention of the rapper coming at Jay Rock over the 20 minute track, “400 Bars”. With that said, the young rapper was quick to address the […]

“I ain’t naming names at this time, but I’m adding names.  You let me know if you wanna be on the list.” As of late, there has been tension between Ice Cube and the new generation of West Coast rappers that initially stemmed from the announcement of Cube’s next solo project I Am The West. […]

Like I said [on Twitter] all I need is my mic, my fans, my hood and this big a#% gun on my side and I’m good to go…” Jay Rock, the future of Cali and the West Coast, is once again expressing his distaste for comments made by O.G. rapper and Hip-Hop pioneer Ice Cube. […]

jayrock WATTS UP WIT ICE CUBE TALKIN KRAZY ABOUT NEW WEST N***aS.IF HE GOT A PROB WIT 1 OF US HE SHUD SAY R NAME N STOP BN SCARED 2 CALL A N***a OUT As reported earlier, West Coast OG rapper Ice Cube had some unkind words for some new school artists in the West.  […]

DJ Quik and Kurupt will headline the “Respect The West” showcase at SXSW 2010 in Austin, Texas on Saturday, March 20th at Club de Ville. Standing along the West Coast veterans will be upcoming leaders of the coast including Murs, Jay Rock, U-N-I, Diz Gibran, Get Busy Committee, Don Kennedy and a few surprise special […]