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Black Ink Crew NY Season 10

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On this week’s episode of Black Ink Crew, Puma, and Teddy get serious with the newbies after they feel things have gotten out of hand.

Ink Dreamy Finally Gets The Boot

On last week’s episode of Black Ink Crew, Ink Dreamy showed his polyamorous ass and almost came to blows with one of his cast members and even Teddy.

So it was no surprise when Teddy and Puma decided it was time for him to go so he could live his polyamorous life outside of the Black Ink Crew mansion.

During his confessional, Puma says Ink Dreamy got the boot because he felt he was too aggressive with the women, a major red flag, and that type of behavior is not what the Black Ink brand represents.

Ink Dreamy packs up his belongings and bounces. Puma and Teddy pull the remaining newbies left and warn them that more firings are to be expected.

Puma & Teddy Test The Newbies With Another Competition

With Ink Dreamy gone, it’s time to get back to business. Puma and Teddy announced to the newbies that they would be showing off their skills in a new competition that will, for the first time, take place in the mansion.

Teddy and Puma divided the newbies into teams led by Alex and Draya, giving them different jobs to handle while tattooing who Teddy described as “special clients.”

In an added twist, they assigned the newbies different jobs out of their comfort zone to see if they could handle it. As expected, Made Rich is unhappy to learn that he will be an AP and not do a tattoo, but he eventually gets over it.

It’s time for the competition, and the newbies struggle to perform the tattoos. Trilla has a tough time, even growing frustrated with the person he was tattooing, who was noticing some very rookie mistakes he was making.

The client is concerned when Trilla begins stenciling from the top instead of the bottom. He even shaves the client’s leg wrong, another no, no when tattooing Black skin. Trilla gets frustrated and storms off after he is swapped out for his girlfriend, Jahnova, who takes over doing the stencil.

Trilla was not the only one having issues during the competition. Liza raised the eyebrows of both the client and Made Rich and Alex when she said it’s okay to shade in from light to dark, a huge no, no in tattooing.

Puma & Teddy Warn Them Someone Will Not Be A Member of The Black Ink Crew

After the tattoos, we learn the “special clients” are tattoo artists. It was obvious because they knew a lot about techniques and what the artists should have done while working on the tattoos.

In critiquing Trilla following his poor performance, he gets some advice from the two artists, but he snaps back by telling them their advice is just their personal opinions. Alex tells him he could have handled the situation better if his customer service skills had improved.

Puma and Teddy tell the newbies that instead of judging them by teams, they will judge them on their performances, and someone will go home, instantly making them nervous because there was a lot of struggle during the competition.

Another Newbie Bites The Dust

It’s the day of reckoning for the newbies. Puma and Teddy arrive at the mansion and round up the newbies. They asked each of them to choose who they felt was the weakest link on their teams.

Santana, who had a poor showing during the competition, chooses herself, and even Trilla smartens up and picks himself cause he is acting like a fool. The final nail in his coffin came from his girlfriend, Jahnova, who tearfully says his name.

Trilla’s time is up.

After some daps, hugs, and tearful goodbye from his girlfriend, Trilla finally leaves but vows not to let the moment derail his dreams of being the best tattoo artist he can be.

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