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Black Ink Crew NY Season 10

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After last week’s shenanigans at Teddy’s 40th birthday party, Puma and Ted are fed up, and Krystal realizes she still cares for Rok.

Rok Needs Some Space, Krystal Realizes She Played Herself

After getting clowned by Made Rich at Teddy’s party and ditched by Nychelle, Alex is looking for a place to work because the bosses still haven’t found a shop for the OGs to tattoo out of.

So, he decides to hit up Rok to guest spot out Gods of Ink, and when he arrives, we learn he will be taking Rok’s booth while he goes on a mental break from his shop and his pain in the ass girlfriend, Krystal. Alex is worried that Krystal might feel a way when she finds out that Alex is working in the shop, and Rok tells him if she has a problem, tell her to call him.

Alex also sounds off on Made Rich and how Puma and Ted are giving the rookies too much energy while ignoring the needs of the OGs.

It turns out that Alex’s initiation was almost correct. Krystal did have some thoughts when she walked into the shop and saw Alex working in Rok’s space. She’s not mad at Alex’s guest spotting out of her shop, but she is angry to learn that Rok made the decision without talking to her first and that he just bounced.

After talking with Alex about how Rok was moving after they “broke up,” she realizes she was being ridiculous in the whole matter and decides she wants her man back.

AMH Breaks Some Bad News To Made Rich

Made Rich’s clever but incredibly shady art presentation at Teddy’s party had consequences and repercussions. Not only did he rub Alex and the rest of the OGs the wrong way, but he will also miss out on a great opportunity.

Teddy and Puma have a conversation with AMH and Trilla. They reveal to the two Black Ink hopefuls that due to his actions at the party, AMH will now have the opportunity to tattoo a unique client of Teddy, and Trilla will be her apprentice during the session. Of course, they are both excited about the opportunity.

Puma and Teddy also use the conversation to figure out the temperature in the mansion. Both AMH and Trilla say that despite his actions, Made Rich is cool, but privately say it’s Mr. Polyamorous, aka Ink Dreamy, who is messing up the energy in the house, and they would not feel any way if he gets the boot.

AMH breaks the news to Made Rich, and he is upset that Puma and Teddy didn’t tell him the bad news themselves. AMH also tells him that he shot himself in the foot with his actions at the party.

Rok Isn’t Ready To Take Krystal Back

Following her conversation with Alex, Krystal boldly attempts to win Rok’s heart back. Unfortunately for her, Rok is not ready to get back into a relationship because he believes she will switch up on him again, and they will be beefing again.

Before he leaves the restaurant, he tells Krystal he needs to think about her proposal, so there is still a chance the couple nobody cares about could make a comeback, but it’s not happening now.

He leaves Krystal thinking she needs to put in some work to win Rok’s heart back.

Made Rich Continues To Be Stubborn, Tempers Flare At Dinner

Santana and Jahnova also converse with Made Rich, who is still stewing after learning he missed a golden opportunity. Stubborn, at first, finally realizes he went too far at the party but still feels that Alex owes him an apology, despite Santant and Jahnova trying to tell him that Alex doesn’t owe him anything.

At the impromptu meeting that Teddy and Puma set up, the main thing on the agenda is what went down at the party. Made Rich does apologize for his behavior but also demands an apology from Alex. As expected, Alex says nah.

The conversation shifts to Ted and Puma’s private convo with AMH and Trilla. They reveal that Ink Dreamy is a problem, and he flips out on Trilla and some women at the table. Teddy gets irritated when Ink Dreamy walks behind him, almost leading to a fight.

While no one gets the boot in this episode, both Teddy and Puma realize that some people need to go, and those cuts will begin on next week’s episode.

You can see what Twitter had to say about this week’s episode of Black Ink Crew in the gallery below.

Photo: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew

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