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Bow Wow Blames "Trash A** Music" I For Hip-Hop's Chart Struggle

Source: Prince Williams / Getty / Bow Wow

Hip-Hop is currently in a slump, and apparently, Bow Wow knows why that is the case.

Hip-Hop as a genre is not having a great 2023. If you didn’t know, there has not been one no.1 Hip-Hop album or single this year, and according to Mr. 106 & Park himself, Bow Wow, it all has to do with the steep decline in the quality of the music being put out.

Spotted on HipHopDX, the “Fresh Azimiz” crafter spoke with Power 106’s Bryhana Monegain on the 2023 BET Awards red carpet in Los Angeles, and she asked the rapper about Hip-Hop’s lack of presence on the Billboard 200  and Hot 100 charts and his answer has everyone saying “he is spitting.”

Per HipHopDX:

“Cause n-ggas puttin’ out trash ass music,” Bow Wow said. “Everything sound alike, everything repetitive, same tempo … everybody could do that, you know what I’m saying?”

He continued: “You really gotta have talent, you really gotta go. I think people are startin’ to get tired of it now, that’s why you don’t see nothin’ chartin.’” Watch the Ohio native discuss Hip Hop’s need to get back to the “real essence of artistry” below.

According to the website, six Hip-Hop acts had a no.1 song on the Billboard 200 this time last year, and two Hip-Hop tracks landed on the top spot of the Billboard 100.

Charlamagne Disagrees, He Feels HipHopDX Is A Good Space

But not everyone thinks Hip-Hop is in a bad state. Speaking on an episode of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Charlamagne Tha God believes the genre is still thriving and believes some people critical of Hip-Hop are “stuck in an era.”

“I think Hip Hop is in a great place. I think people that don’t like Hip Hop now are just mad that it’s not what it used to be. They’re stuck in an era. I love all these new dudes My favorite dude is Kodak Black right now, “Charlamagne said while professing his love for rappers like

DJ Envy then said, “I love it not only for that; musically, the music is great. I love the fact that these brothers get money. They’re keeping themselves out of the hood. They’re paying for their families. Paying for their mama’s cribs and all that.”

For the most part, social media agrees with Bow Wow, with one user simply writing in a tweet, “Bow Wow has a point.” 

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

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