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Ceaser Black Ink Crew: New York

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Last week, Ceaser and his crew were worried about team 9MAG, specifically Ryan and Kitty, who was totally unbothered. The episode ended with Bae going to bat for her Black Ink family and swinging on Kitty during a meeting.

This week’s episode opens up back at the Philly tattoo convention. Bae is giving Donna and Tati the lowdown on her meeting with Kitty. She believes all Kitty has to do is apologize for her role in everything, but Kitty already made it clear she is not going to do that.

Speaking of Kitty, she is telling her side of the story to Ryan and Don. She expresses that she has no intention of apologizing to her former Black Ink Crew family. Kitty doesn’t understand why there is so much animosity towards her in the first place and believes the ladies of Black Ink just have it out for her. Everyone seems to think that tempers will flare later at a wrapup party for the tattoo Convention later that night.

While all of that is going on, one of Ryan’s former employees decides to show up. Van stops by Ceaser’s booth to chop it up with him.

Ceaser details all of the “drama” going on between him and Ryan because of Kitty and Van claims that Ryan isn’t loyal to the people who were there for him in the beginning. Van also believes its messed up how Ryan is dealing with the Kitty situation. Van tells Ceaser he should have a man-to-man conversation with Ryan to speak on their issues.

It’s now time to party, and Ceaser uses the moment to deliver what he thinks is a gut punch to Ryan. Following a “performance” from Beanie Sigel, Ceaser announces that he is expanding to the midwest and opening a spite tattoo shop in Chicago to give Ryan some competition.

Ryan and the crew seemed to be annoyed with the move, and he believes Ceaser is making a decision based on his emotions. Ryan approaches Ceaser and asks to have a conversation outside of the strip club.

While everyone plays it off like things are getting heated between Ryan and Ceaser, the conversation between the two tattoo shop owners is relatively calm. Ryan believes that Ceaser opening a shop in Chicago before talking to him is disrespectful. Ceaser disagrees and says its just business. Ryan says that he never messed with Kitty, but Ceaser believes he is lying and tells him he will see him in Chicago.

We finally get back to New York, and Ceaser is standing firm on his decision to open a shop in Chicago despite Puma cautioning him to take things slow.  Ceaser disagrees and says business is all about growth, and now is an excellent time to open a shop in Chicago. He believes the whole Kitty situation has shown him how Ryan really moves.

Walt walks in the shop, and he is clearly sad still due to the fact Jess told him she isn’t ready to get married.

Moving on, Donna and Alex are on an ice cream date at The Sugar Factory. He reveals to her that his baby fever has calmed down, and he doesn’t want a baby right now but instructs her to keep it high on the list. Donna finally brings up Tati. She explains to her boyfriend that she has been messing around with her for over a month behind his back. Alex isn’t too happy to hear that and storms out of the restaurant, leaving Donna sitting there looking dumb.

The next day at the shop, the Black Ink Crew team get some terrible news. When Puma arrives to open up the tattoo shop, he is greeted by a letter from the landlord instructing Ceaser and his team to vacate the building in 30 days. They have been in that location for 10-years, so this is definitely a gut punch.

When Ceaser finally arrives, he is visibly upset because he has been trying to tell the landlord to give him a new lease for days, but he kept getting the runaround. Ceaser also believes the whole Kitty and Ryan situation took his attention and allowed this situation to happen. Ceaser is also pissed because he just paid the rent, and the landlord didn’t give him any indication he was going to evict them. Upset, Ceaser flips the table and feels he should have bought the whole building when he had a chance too.

Puma does his best to calm Ceaser down and tells him they still have 30 days to figure things out, and the episode ends. How are you talking about expanding when you can’t even keep your flagship location open? Ryan must be somewhere laughing.

Twitter had plenty of comments, specifically for Ceaser mainly, you can peep all of the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz