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Charles Barkley inserted himself in the Bud Light debate in an explosive fashion after taking aim at critics of the famed beer brand in connection to a sponsorship deal with Dylan Mulvaney. In a spirited rant, the former NBA superstar and current analyst called those in an uproar over Bud Light’s recent media moves “rednecks” and “as*holes.”

TikTok user @l._banana shared a video of Charles Barkley, 60, from a bar in Lake Tahoe. During the brief rant, Barkley defends trans people and had a very specific message for the gay and trans community.

“If you’re gay or transgender, I love you,” Barkley said to a round of cheers at the bar as he grabbed the microphone while reportedly promising to buy everyone a round of Bud Light. “And if anybody give[s] you sh*t, tell ’em Charles said ‘f*ck you!'”

It appears that Barkley was on a bit of a run in Lake Tahoe as another video of him surfaced making the same statement went viral on Twitter. In both clips, the rant remained the same and it was clear that Barkley was having a good time with the crowd.

The issues with Bud Light began when the brand launched a campaign in support of Dylan Mulvaney’s transition, while giving her a platform to not only spread awareness about her journey but also show that everyone should be allowed to enjoy a can of Bud Light.

Of the notable critics of the Bud Light campaign, Kid Rock took things to the extreme by unloading high-powered firearms at a case of beer in protest. Further, sales of Bud Light have tanked considerably since partnering with Mulvaney with execs at the brand essentially ridding themselves of the deal. Conservative talking heads have accused companies like Bud Light of pushing an agenda to influence children.

On Twitter, reaction to Charles Barkley blasting Bud Light critics and standing with the LGBTIQA+ community has been ongoing. We’ve got them listed below.

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