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Chris Brown and Quavo have a history of not being the best of friends and it appears that the pair are still on the path to war after this weekend. Chris Brown dropped a new track titled “Weakest Link” aimed at Quavo, with the late Takeoff having his name added to this feud.

From what we gathered, “Weakest Link” is a response to the track “Tender” and adds to the growing rift between the pair that has been ongoing for years according to reports.

On “Tender” Quavo rapped:

Wipin’ your nose with the tissue, not wipin’ no snot (Snot, whoo)
Tell me, lil’ bro, what’s your issue? It’s over a thot (Thot)
You said that it’s bigger than that (It’s big), but no, it is not (No, it is not)
It’s ’cause I be diggin’ in that (Ya dig?), it got ’em hot (They got ’em hot)
I’m givin’ respect (Sh*t), but I know you not (I know you not)
Your b*tch on my neck (Your b*tch), your b*tch at the spot (Spot)

The streets are saying that the Migos artist is speaking about Brown’s ex, Karrueche Tran.

Brown, digging deep into his petty bag, fired back by suggesting he got familiar with Huncho’s ex, Saweetie:

Okay, let’s get down to the facts, p*ssy, I’m dripped in red (Okay)
Don’t let this R&B sh*t fool you, n*ggas get ripped to shreds (Get back)
Quavo talkin’ like he a thug, n*gga, you a bitch with dreads (You a b*tch)
Can’t wait to see the day that you back up all of that sh*t you said (You on)
What’s all that boss sh*t you talkin’? You ain’t no huncho, n*gga (You ain’t no huncho)
You the weakest link out of your clique, let’s keep it a hundo, n*gga (One hundred)
You f*cked my ex-ho, that’s cool, I don’t give no f*ck, lil’ n*gga (Still a b*tch)
‘Cause I f*cked your ex when you were still with her, b*tch, I’m up, lil’ n*gga (I’m up)

We’ve got no opinion on who is winning this particular beef but fans observing are naturally calling out Brown’s violent past with women, while also adding that Quavo has similar stories of the same acts on his jacket.

Check out the reactions from X and the songs in question below.


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