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Joe Smith is a name some basketball fans should remember, considering he was the top overall pick in the 1995 NBA Draft. The former University of Maryland star found himself trending on social media this morning after a video surfaced of him having an argument with his wife after discovering she has an OnlyFans page.

By way of TikTok user @kevinwesleygenie, a video featuring Joe Smith and his wife Kisha Chavis having a spirited discussion about her launching an OnlyFans page. Some might remember Chavis from the reality series Say Yes To The Dress where she went by the name Kisha “Kiss” Chavis.

Online sleuths also reminded the world that Ms. Chavis used to be a former adult film actress under the name Yasmine Pendavis. From what we were able to gather online, the OnlyFans account is under the name Kyss Major, a name she also used during her music career.

In a social media world where clout chasing seemingly is a goal for many, we’re not sure if this is another elaborate skit meant to drum up another war between the genders or a real concern. And let’s say it’s the latter, online onlookers having this much access to the Smiths’ marital woes and then commenting on it seems like a lot. Before you say it, we’re reporting on this matter because we have a job to inform the public and nothing more.

Back to the matter at hand, if this is a skit, Smith is a really great actor and has a career in entertainment if coaching basketball is no longer his passion because the brother appeared to be quite upset. Chavis was unapologetic, telling her husband at one point that, quote, “you know who I was” prior to their marriage.

As it stands, it seems like the hard times that Joe Smith fell on after losing his combined $61 million in NBA earnings sparked Kisha Chavis to take matters into her own hands and get some easy cash. To shoot her some bail, Chavis says she’s only shooting solo content and isn’t doing anything too outlandish. Good luck on that one.

Check out some of the reactions from X to the situation below.

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