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NBA YoungBoy is one of the most popular young rappers in the game, but he has been consistently plagued by legal issues over the course of his career. The Baton Rouge star is now being accused of ordering two women to brutally assault the mother of one of his children, and the images connected to the allegations are disturbing.

Arcola, the mother of one of the rapper’s 11 children, claims that NBA YoungBoy ordered two women while attempting to drop their son off at his residence, presumably in Utah where he has been under house arrest. Arcola shared the chilling details via X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Watch who you have kids by. My son dad let his whoreS yes whores with an S cause it was 2 of them weak ass hoes. He gave them an order to get me lol you know b*tches who never came from sh*t gone do it. My son was in my hands. His dad just sat back and watched smh,” Arcola shared on Monday (November 6), complete with photos of her reported injuries.

She continued with, “Mind you I dropped my son off the end of August he wanted me to come get him 2 weeks into him being there. So I told him keep him 2 more weeks. He was pissed lmao I just feel like if you ain’t gone help me financially you gone help physically.”

The messages go on with Arcola writing, “I would be wrong if I pressed charges on yall for doing me like this with my baby in my hand. But karma gone eat yall asses up. I got my son back I’m happy that’s all that matters fr. 5 stitches later. And her punk ass fist ain’t do that shorty had sum.”

A quick scan of NBA YoungBoy’s Instagram page doesn’t address Arcola’s claims and the latest image showcases the rapper flanked by two women. Some fans in the comments are alleging that these are the women who allegedly assaulted Arcola but that cannot be confirmed.

We are going to share Arcola’s thread but must warn readers that the images within may be sensitive to some. Proceed cautiously.

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