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The Joe Budden Podcast essentially changed the landscape of podcasting after host Joe Budden took the show from its humble start to scoring an exclusive deal with Spotify. Despite loads of success which appears to be ongoing, the show has experienced a moment many saw coming after Budden apparently fired Rory and ended the podcast as many knew it.

For the millions of fans who have devoted a few hours a week to the twice-weekly podcast, the attachment to Budden and his co-hosts Jamil “Mal” Clay, Rory Farrell, Parks Vallely was as high as any fandom out. The turbulence on the show had begun to show itself between Joe and Rory, noticeable to anyone who consumed the podcast either in its audio or video formats.

The podcast shut down earlier this year due to that growing tension between Rory and Joe but it was thought that the pair were working out their issues, even going through joint therapy sessions. It was thought that Rory and Joe’s friendship was still on solid ground, and Mal’s allegiance to Rory caused a strain on his connection with Joe but that they were still good friends as well.

After a break in the action and the shuffling of co-hosts, which spawned an actual new podcast concept from Budden on his Patreon channel, the original format with Rory and Mal made its return two weeks ago and all seemed well. The jokes flew, the chemistry, while dulled, began to shine, and the idea was that a vacation pausing of the show last week was thought to be the reunion of the JBP Boyz.

In episode 437, which was uploaded and later deleted, Budden laid out things from his vantage point despite noting that there was some of the magic still left but it wasn’t enough. As depicted in great detail by a user on The Joe Budden Podcast Reddit page, the beef between Budden and Rory was due to contracts and money despite all the gentlemen saying that it wasn’t about that but more about the respect between the three.

There are leaked, unofficial streams of the podcast that have made their way online and are being shared widely so it won’t be hard to procure this content should one want to take in the show and determine their own understanding. The most unfortunate revelation from the podcast, and in all fairness we haven’t listened to the show, is the dissolving of the years-long friendship between Joe, Rory, and Mal.

The show must certainly go on and it’s probably all but certain that Budden will continue to build up The Joe Budden Network and its slate of shows, while also continuing to grow his Patreon community.

The reactions from Twitter have been going on since early Wednesday morning and we’ve got some of them listed out below.

UPDATE: If anyone wants to hear episode 437 in full, you’ll have to join as a paying member of Joe Budden’s Patreon, which you can find here.

SECOND UPDATE: Rory Farrell came on Twitter early Wednesday morning and lightly addressed the matter via a tweet.

“Mannn .. what an era .. thank you to everyone that listened, supported, told their friends about us, bought a subscription, ticket, or merch .. any value starts & ends with y’all .. I’ll get to that messy shit soon but in the meantime I’m here to celebrate an amazing run!! Love,” read the tweet.

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