A.P.C. who has already worked with MAGA lover Kanye West on two collections that featured a $120 t-shirt took to its Instagram account to tease a forthcoming collaboration with West’s buddy Kid Cudi.


Yesterday (Jan. 28), news broke that Timberland cut ties with French brand A.P.C. after its founder made highly offensive and racist statements about a portion of his Fall/Winter 2015 collection dubbed “Ni**as In Paris.” Today, Jean Touitou sort of apologized, to Timberland. 

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Founder of French brand A.P.C., Jean Touitou, watched the throne, and in turn named a portion of the 2015 fall/winter collection “Last Ni**as in Paris.” But don’t worry, Kanye West, a longtime friend, says it’s ok.

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Kanye West, a man of many words (putting it lightly), had very little to say during a recent brush with media at the Los Angeles A.P.C. flagship store grand opening.

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Remember when Kanye West said he wanted to make fresh fashion affordable for everybody? Well his latest A.P.C. Kanye collection is certainly not the case.

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Kanye West has a lot up his sleeve for 2014. On top of a potential new album and his upcoming collection with adidas, it looks like the G.O.O.D. Music founder has another collaboration with French brand A.P.C.

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At times, Kanye West‘s candid interview with W magazine rivaled some of his most egomaniacal moments of all time. However, it also revealed the Chicago rapper’s plans to debut a “capsule collection of jeans, T-shirts, and hoodies for a hip French brand,” which we now know to be A.P.C.

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It’s official. Yeezus will not be available for pre-order, and will go straight for purchase when it releases June 18 instead. This latest tidbit of  news comes courtesy of A.P.C. founder and known Kanye West confidant, Jean Touitou.