Beyoncé continues to bring awareness about the struggle of Brown people even in the midst of a world crisis. She recently raised a red flag about how the pandemic is trending in our communities.


Beyoncé And Jay-Z continue to lead by example when it comes to representing for the culture. Their recent acceptance video proved once again that their thrones will not be shared.


Jay-Z and Beyoncé are proving once again to be the finesse queen and king. Their secret to avoiding the press is low key genius.

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If you’ve been on Facebook this week, then you’ve noticed celebrities and regular folks changing their profile photos to red Human Rights Campaign (HRC) logos in support of marriage equality. Upping the ante a bit, singer Beyoncé Knowles took to Instagram to show who side she’s on.


In case you have been sleeping under a rock, today is one of the most important days in our nation’s history.


Beyoncé – “Run The World (Girls)” (Preview) [Video] A short teaser for Beyoncé’s new video was released today. The recently leaked single, “Run The World (Girls),” was released on iTunes on April 21st. The full video will be out soon, unless they decide to never put it out like the Beyoncé and Alicia Keys “Put […]