Before even diving into the actual album, let it be known that Hood Star isn’t an official co-signed new studio album from Crooked I.  This entry is one from the vaults back at Death Row, renamed Tha Row, as they have ushered in new leadership, WIDEawake Entertainment, and have decided to release some old material. […]


While the revival of Death Row Records has brought about a reason for new releases that failed to come to light under Suge Knight‘s watch, there are some former artists that aren’t too pleased with the idea. For Crooked I, the upcoming album Hood Star, which was created during his venture at the label, is […]

“I just f**ked that beat in the a**.” –Royce Da 5’9” With the movement starting back in 2009, the rap quartet known as Slaughterhouse were able to set the bar high on lyricism and future expectations for rappers. Since dropping their self-titled album back in August 2009, the group has yet to lift their boots […]

For fans who are wondering what the holdup is on the Joell Ortiz album, Free Agent, Joell answered it via Twitter. In a series of tweets, Joell spoke about his disappointment in the lack of support from his label. “It’s crazy to be on a label that says that no one knows me but when […]

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Along with Jay-Z, a lot of older rappers have been catching some flack as they keep pushing releases and new albums trying to represent for their collective states and bring them back to the prominence when they happened to be in town. Since Ice Cube announced his album, I Am The West, the likes of […]