If there’s one thing the House GOP should know by now, it’s that you don’t come for Rep. Maxine Waters without your facts straight. The veteran congresswoman made very short work of her Republic colleague, Rep. Mike Kelly, this after he tried to tell Waters that discrimination isn’t a hot-button issue and dividing the country […]

The U.S. Senate's GOP majority voted to overhaul the current tax code, giving Republicans and President Donald Trump a rare political victory.

Stop us if you heard this before, a GOP congressman got caught acting a sexual fool. Joe Barton admits that is indeed his peen floating around the Internets, but he added the caveat that he shared it with a mature woman.


Over the weekend, Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky was attacked by a neighbor. Not only did Paul catch five cracked ribs, it turns out the proper fade delivery was due to shrubbery. 

Tez Cruz's Twitter account liked a porn clip on Twitter and the Internet attacked.

Kenneth Storey, a professor at the University of Tampa, was fired from his post after a tweet he made referencing Hurricane Harvey took aim at Texas GOP.

Senator John McCain cast the deciding vote (after Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska already voted no) and the GOP took an epic L. After seven years, the GOP failed to repeal Obamacare, and woke Twitter has been celebrating ever since. 

Senator Kamala Harris found herself in headlines after a Republic Senate Committee hearing on Wednesday (June 7) got testy between her and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, Richard Burr. Harris and Burr got into it over the California Democratic senator’s questioning of Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein and the investigation of President Donald Trump’s links […]

Obamacare, that scary and looming beast the Republican Party has tried for seven years to best, is now under process for repeal. The GOP’s new plan, which is known as the American Health Care Act, didn’t exactly spark a series of celebrations and instead was the target of a number of memes after the plan […]

Louisiana Republican official Mike Yenni admitted last week that he carried on a sexting relationship with a 17-year-old boy, but claims that he isn’t gay or had contact with the teen. Yenni, a Parish President in the state, came forth to clear his name after the teen, now 19, shared details about their encounters in […]

A mayoral race in Midland City, Ala. turned a bit ugly when GOP incumbent Mayor Patsy Skipper allegedly took to Facebook to make a racist statement. On Tuesday, Mayor Skipper reportedly wrote “I lost. The N*gger won” downing her Black opponent but she claims that it was not her doing.

Republican Party Rep. Steve King has uttered questionable statements in past times, but the Iowa congressman might have eclipsed his earlier blunders Monday night. Rep. King essentially said that people of color were a “subgroup” that did nothing to contribute to modern society during a live broadcast.