When you boot up Madden NFL 23, a new soundtrack will have you nodding your head and tapping your feet.

It was honestly a no-brainer when deciding who would be the cover of Madden NFL 23. That’s why you will hear no complaints when it comes to John Madden earning that honor.

The Hall of Fame figure led the Oakland Raiders to a Super Bowl championship and is perhaps best known for the award-winning video game series that carries his name.

EA just made sure that Madden will be the premiere game when it comes to football simulation games for the foreseeable future.

EA Sports knows their musical playlists are just about as anticipated as the gameplay for their Madden titles. The recently revealed Madden NFL 16 soundtrack is a diverse offering that puts the adrenaline in the audio, as another year’s worth of heated competition is set to hit the digital gridiron.

The good folks at EA Sports pulled out the big guns for their Madden 15 marketing campaign. With a week to go before the video game arrives at retailers, a lengthy promo video starring Kevin Hart and actor Dave Franco has released.

This is for gamers who agree that the Madden franchise is the grandest form of NFL football off of the field. EA Sports revealed a teaser trailer for Madden 15 featuring Carolina Panthers middle linebacker Luke Kuechly.

The Internet is lawless. That’s the only way to explain how the predicament Aaron Hernandez finds himself in–facing a murder rap–has led to a plethora of memes.

Baltimore Raven linebacker and future Hall Of Famer, Ray Lewis gets in a rousing game of Madden 13 with comedian and actor, Paul Rudd. Donning his hometown Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, Paul Rudd goes on to thoroughly annoy one of the most violent football players to ever play the game. Rudd also goes on to sing Wiz Khalifa’s […]