Rihanna is a real one. The Bajan Pop star was offered the Super Bowl Halftime performance by the NFL, but she passed because of her support of Colin Kaepernick. 

Lil Wayne proves once again he doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to sports. Eli Manning inadvertently snubbed him and got put on notice by the famed rapper.

No, we’re not getting the Hip-Hop Super Bowl halftime show Bruno Mars advocated for when the NFL’s big game arrives in Atlanta. But we might get something close to it if these rumors pan out.

The NFL continues to be connected to drama. In the latest news one of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ star players has been accused of imposing himself on an unwilling female.

Even though Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed he continues to carry the cross for the oppressed. Several players chose to demonstrate during the national anthem for the kick off of the 2018-2019 season.

Jason Whitlock has once again put on his tap shoes, top hat, cane, and white gloves so he can shuck and jive for controversy’s sake. The media figure believes that Colin Kaepernick‘s Nike play is some manner of a plot to take down the massive NFL empire.

Colin Kaepernick has been fighting to have his collusion case against the NFL move to a trial and that wish has been fulfilled. The arbitrator in the matter ruled in favor of the free agent quarterback after all 32 teams in the league failed to support why they should receive a summary judgment against Kaepernick […]

The jig is completely afoot now that Iggy Azalea and DeAndre Hopkins are both saying out loud that they’re single despite evidence and such suggesting otherwise. The Houston Texans wide receiver said online he was the Aussie rapper’s boyfriend and she too said the pair were an item earlier this week but apparently it’s all […]

NFL Sunday games are big business for many sports bars across the nation, but one such establishment is willing to lose out on huge profits for a rather petty reason. The bar in Brooksville has decided to cancel its DirecTV NFL package over player protests of the National Anthem and instead will offer a discount […]

Prescott came out in support of Jerry Jones on Friday (July 27) and supported the demand made by the team owner that players stand for the anthem. As expected, it didn’t go over too well with many.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones introduced a harsh rule that his players must stand for the National Anthem ahead of games despite new rules the NFL is set to introduce which may be more lenient. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott backed up his owner, saying protests for the anthem are out of place and take away […]

Joe Theismann, the former quarterback for the Washington Professional Football Team (we don’t use that name over here), doesn’t think the team’s offensive name needs changing. Theismann says he’s spoken with Native Americans who he claims are just fine with the slur.