Ridley later took to Twitter to state that he doesn't have a gambling problem while acknowledging he'll have to sit for a year.

According to Snoop Dogg, JAY-Z tested Roger Goodell's gangster to make sure Super Bowl LVI's Hip-Hop inspired Pepsi Halftime show did happen.

To defend against Flores' explosive accusation, the NFL hired former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch in connection to the legal matter.

Their wide receiver Van Jefferson seemed to be the biggest winner as his wife gave birth to their second child.

Now that the big show has concluded, folks on Twitter are attempting to figure out if the set catered more to Generation X or Millenials instead of simply praising the moment for the greatness it was.

The Washington Football Team made a wise move in removing its former team name from a racist slur after years of criticism from football fans and sponsors alike. On Wednesday (Feb. 2), the team changed its name to the Washington Commanders and NFL Twitter has plenty to say about the big reveal.

Brandy honored her idol with her own thrilling take on the American national anthem, prompting Twitter to react as positively.

Bart Scott, a former football star, had some advice for Bills QB Josh Allen, stating he should take Viagra ahead of the contest.

Over the weekend, the wide receiver stormed out of a game in explosive fashion and has addressed onlookers with a lengthy statement explaining his side of the story.

The Antonio Brown saga has just gotten even weirder. He has released a new track shortly after leaving a football game that was not finished.

The Hall of Fame figure led the Oakland Raiders to a Super Bowl championship and is perhaps best known for the award-winning video game series that carries his name.