Colin Kaepernick will now have his chance to prove to NFL teams and its decision-making staff that he deserves a slot on one of their squads, going against a common narrative that he was done with football. The free-agent quarterback may have to owe part of his good fortune to Jay-Z, who reportedly had some […]

Colin Kaepernick has been out of the NFL since 2016 with many believing that the free-agent quarterback was blacklisted as a result of his peaceful protests regarding police violence against citizens of color. Now, Kap is set to host a private workout for NFL teams but he’s made it clear that this shouldn’t be treated […]

Charles Rogers, a former player for the Detroit Lions, has died at the age of 38 according to a number of still-developing reports. Circumstances surrounding the passing of the former Michigan State University standout are still yet unknown.

Antonio Brown seems to be trapped in a glass case of emotion. In 24 hours the athlete has changed his stance on his former employers.

Colin Kaepernick celebrated his birthday by giving back to those in need.

It’s no secret Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by the NFL. Since then, there have been a lot of claims being thrown out there. Tired of the BS, Team Kap issued a 2-page “fact” sheet to set the record straight.

Well that didn’t take very long. Antonio Brown is asking his former employers to pay the remaining balance of his professional football contract.

Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell has made a career of being outspoken and brash, and his latest salvo aimed at Jay-Z adds to that legacy. The 2 Live Crew star recently penned an op-ed blasting Hov for overlooking homegrown Miami musical acts for the upcoming Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show and essentially said the Brooklyn mogul is […]

Jigga man just can’t seem to catch a break. Yesterday it was announced that J.Lo and Shakira will be the co-headlining acts for Super Bowl LIV’s Pepsi halftime show. Twitter isn’t excited, and JAY-Z is catching all of the heat.

The Marathon Continues… on the NFL Network. In association with the NFL’s ‘Inspire Change‘ initiative, the league dropped a new feature starring LA natives DeSean Jackson and Snoop Dogg. They both detail the cultural impact of the late Nipsey Hussle on his community.

A Philadelphia man has dropped one of the best sports-related soundbites of the year, this after he assisted in the rescue of babies from a house fire. While talking with reporters, the man took a shot at Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor, who dropped some key passes in the team’s loss to the Detroit […]

Antonio Brown‘s time as an NFL player is probably over, and he’s aware of that reality. But, he also made sure to call out Patriots owner Robert Kraft while acknowledging his own struggle.