Pooh Shiesty


Pooh Sheisty is taking an extended, involuntary vacation. After pleading to guilty to gun charge in lieu of going to trial, the Memphis rapper received a 63-month prison sentence.

It seems Pooh Shiesty’s legal team is playing chess not checkers. He has plead guilty to a firearms conspiracy to avoid any possibility of getting served a life sentence.


Still, Shiesty maintains he was in the right for his actions in a particularly interesting way.

The Memphis rapper was indicted after federal authorities used social media to match the serial number of money flashed on Instagram that stemmed from an armed robbery.


The guard in question has also stated that not only does he not want to press charges, but doesn't want Florida officials to contact him regarding the matter going forward.

One of Hip-Hop’s rising stars might not have the bright future he had hoped for. A judge has revoked Pooh Shiesty’s bond thus mandating him to remain in jail.

Pooh Shiesty is getting more press for his social media and legal struggle than his actual music. The Memphis rapper was arrested after he allegedly shot a club security guard.

Pooh Shiesty, one of the hottest rappers out today, was allegedly seen with a trans woman and Twitter sleuths are on the case.

Have you ever wondered if rappers have too much time on their hands? Kodak Black and Pooh Shiesty are proving they clearly do.

Floyd Mayweather's seed and NBA Youngboy's latest girlfriend, Yaya Mayweather, really doesn't like Pooh Shiesty's hit, "Back In Blood."