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Shyne’s latest plea for attention came in the form of a Twitter rant last night. The former Bad Boy artist, who has since been deported from the United States, took to the tweets to voice his displeasure with Kendrick Lamar’s debut album. 

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It appears the celebrity chorus line of detractors critical of President Barack Obama continues to grow, this after exiled rapper and former Bad Boy star Shyne added his name to the list of Romney supporters. In a recent interview with MTV News, the globetrotting MC threw some serious verbal jabs in the direction of Obama […]

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After attempting to assassinate the MMG General’s character via Twitter, Shyne Po called into The Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show on Hot 97 to elaborate on exactly why he’s so mad at Rick Ross and Diddy. No Deric Angelettie pun intended. Apparently, the Brooklyn (by way of Belize) MC’s gripe with Rozay’s portrayal of street culture reached its boiling […]

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Shyne has a problem with Rick Ross. The rapper born Jamal Barrow, who converted to Orthodox Judaism and now goes by Moses Levi, has taken issue with Rozay calling his new mixtape The Black Bar Mitzvah. Yesterday (October 7th), the former Bad Boy rapper vented his frustrations via Twitter.

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Since he release from prison after doing a 10 year stretch, Moses Levi aka Shyne, has easily become one of Hip-Hop’s greatest enigmas. Despite gaining a world of “street cred” (note: that really doesn’t affect your ability to rhyme) the Brooklyn (by way of Belize) rapper decided to switch up his flow and dropped a […]

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The 1999 club shooting that ended with Shyne being sent to jail for 10-year bid, also spared the precious life of Jennifer Lopez—so says the former Bad Boy rapper. Speaking to Charlotte’s WGIV 103.3, the 33-year-old explained that had things happened differently, Lopez wouldn’t be here. “I was thugging and bugging that night, ya dig? […]

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When Sean “Diddy” Combs was exonerated of gun charges stemming back to a shooting at Club New York in 1999, he paid off all of the hospital fees of the victims of the shooting. In court documents revealed yesterday according to the New York Post, paid $850,000 out of his own pocket to settle claims by […]

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Let’s start off with the positive. Pusha T links up with Shyne Po for this new record called “Meyer Lansky.” This new joint has a pretty hard beat and an equally dope verse from the G.O.O.D. Music pusher man. Now for the bad. Shyne jumps off this record with a hook that is going to […]

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This is one strange way to start you’re Wednesday morning. The long and storied relationship with Sean “Diddy” Combs and Shyne Po took another bizarre turn last night according to Miss Info. There was a short reconciliation between Puff and Shyne after pictures of the two surfaced last year during Paris’ Fashion Week. One short […]

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It’s hard out here for a rapper. So hard and sinister, in fact, that many artists find themselves turning to religion shortly after their industry days are over, with some even stepping in the pulpit to spread the gospel themselves. Others see the writing on the wall, and head for the high road, even sooner. Many […]

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The on-going conflict between Israeli and Palestine has caused unrest to citizens in both countries, but according to Russell Simmons the situation is just like “rap beef.” The Hip-Hop philanthropist traveled to Israel to encourage on cross-faith dialogue between, and says that ending the longstanding feud can be achieved by talking things out.


Moses Levi, born Jamal Barrow and the rapper formerly known as Shyne, is serious about his Orthodox Jewish faith. Although born in Belize, the former Bad Boy artist was raised in Brooklyn and that BK swagger is never easily surpressed. So while Levi rocks the traditional garb of Orthodox Judaism, accessories like Ray-Ban sunglasses or […]