High Note: 10 R&B Artists Who Smoke That Green [PHOTOS]


Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 12.11.16 PM Rappers are known for smoking that sticky icky (and trying every other drug under the ...

Rappers are known for smoking that sticky icky (and trying every other drug under the sun if it helps groupies have s-x with them), but when it comes to R&B artists we tend to think their thirst for indulging in illegal drugs is a bit more tame. Even when they sing about blowing trees in their songs, sometimes we write it off as just lyrics or them trying to sound cool.

Especially when it comes to a drug like pot that can alter their money maker vocal chords if used consistently over a long period of time. The fear of a burnt out voice box may deter most crooners, but there are a number of vocalists who smoke with the best of them. And some of them aren't afraid to let the world know it, and the paparazzi take pictures of it.

Here are 10 singers who have been spotted or openly admit to getting their half baked on….


Photo: Tumblr

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  • rilisnc1018

    What about R. Kelly?

  • Jensen P Tiddlywinks

    This has to be one of the worst articles i've seen. Of course everyone in rap or rnb smokes weed. You sound like a highschooler all fascinated gossiping about 'the cool kids' who tried a joint one time.

    #420 BLAZE IT *****GETS

    seriously though, drugs are bad mmkay?
    No really they call it dope for a reason

    • Nikki

      Exactly, everybody in the entertainment industry, especially the music industry, smokes weed or does some type of drug. It is what it is. This article is pointless.

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