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GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been dogged by the media after saying that while he loved Sesame Street character Big Bird, he intends to cut Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) funding in order to help lower the federal deficit. Seizing on the moment, the Obama campaign has crafted a new ad which takes digs at Romney’s comments and paints the candidate as a surly bully looking to stamp out children’s entertainment by getting tough and eliminating PBS programming.

Hilariously comparing the iconic character to corporate thieves Bernie Madoff, Ken Lay, and Dennis Kozlowski, the ad’s voice actor ominously announces the trio of men before naming Big Bird as the possible mastermind. Piecing together voice snippets of Romney’s debate points and campaign speak regarding the funding cuts, the Obama camp mocked their Republican rival by saying Romney is the “one man with the guts to speak his [Big Bird] name.”

Governor Romney made the comment, “I like PBS, I like Big Bird” during the debate showdown last week between he and President Barack Obama, the first of a trio of debates ahead of the November election.

Naturally, Republican critics find the commercial in poor taste and accuse Obama of not focusing on pertinent matters such as the economy and the Middle East. They have to admit, however, the ad is kind of funny.

Check out the Big Bird ad below:


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