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Ray-J’s mouth got him into a fight early this morning. The singer/reality TV star was recorded getting into a heated argument with a woman, which kicked off after he called her a “fat b-tch,” and ended in a physical fight.

On the video, the woman claims to be the niece of someone named Suge (we’re guessing his last name is Knight), and then she drops this bomb: “I’m the b-tch they went to go get to whoop b-tches a–, you betta’ go ask Tone about me blood!”

We’re not sure who Tone is, but something in her statement flipped a switch in Ray’s head, because he calms all the way down, then tries to calm her down.

His plan fails.

The argument treads on, and she calls the 32-year-old out for being from the relatively peaceful area of Carson, Calif. yet claiming a tougher neighborhood (ouch!). Her last quip brings Ray to complete submission, but somewhere in between him deciding to back off, things get physical. Not with the woman though, he finds himself in an all-out brawl with a bunch of dudes. He gets some punches in, but takes a lick as well—to the top of the dome no less.

Check out the video below.

Photo: TMZ