Recording “Neverending Game”

Master P: New Orleans was the murder capital of the world. I saw so many of my homeboys die. At the end of the day, it’s about revenge and holding your own on the streets. Like I said on the song, “you kill me I kill you, my partna kill yo’ partnas.” That’s reality. That’s what we are facing. There are a lot R.I.P. shoutouts on the album. A lot of people didn’t make it 1996. That record is still relevant right now.

Craig B: That beat was just a beat that I made, it was before any type of situation. It was a beat I had and sent over. I don’t remember the inspiration behind it. You do so much shit and don’t even realize what people like. But I appreciate everyone who appreciated the music we did. I do know that we set the standard for what the game is now. Me and P wasn’t in the studio together, he just heard the beat and got on it.

But I do remember making “Ghetto Heroes.” That beat was inspired by a George Duke song I was listening to. Again, its not anything me and P collaborated on. It was a beat hat I knew if a rapper got on, they would have to dig deep inside themselves to tell their story. “Ghetto Heroes” got that out of him. When he heard the beat, he started making the hook, then he started freestyling, started writing and developed how he wanted to make the song. That’s hard right there. Who ever made songs about heroes out of the ghetto,or in the ghetto? When he heard that beat, it put him in a zone. It became a powerful song.

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