We now know where Birdman keeps some of the money he has been accused of jerking artists out of all these years.

During his guest appearance on ESPN’s Highly Questionable the Cash Money Records co-founder talked about the many ways in which he has spent his money. Among them were buying multiple cars for family members, $10,000 bets on video games. However, the most interesting way Birdman uses his money is by not spending it, but by sitting on it, literally.

When co-host Dan LeBetard asked it if was true that he has slept on $1 million in cash before, Birdman revealed that it is and that he still does, all of the time.

“I still sleep on a million dollar cash,” he said proudly. “That’s just an infatuation for me in life. I do that and I’m gonna do that until I die. I got a million dollars on my mattress under my sheets. I just feel the need to do that. I was fortunate enough to be blessed enough to do it. I sleep on it every night with my Versace bedspread on top of it.

After co-host Bomani Jones broke his “really brah” stare he asked if that arrangement is even comfortable. To that Birdman replied, “It don’t matter.” Later inferring that his bed is so big that no matter how much you roll around in it, you’re still in the middle of it.

When queried on who is allowed in the room and the measure taken to keep the cash secure, Birdman slyly replied, “If you come in that room you gonna get the business, either way it go.”

It should be noted that Birdman still has a very open lawsuit against him from his estranged “son” and artist Lil Wayne. It should also be noted that Birdman has been accused by artists and producers of not paying. He’s never shied away from his highly questionable business tactics. He once told a room of law students that contracts are made to be honored, but are “made to be re-negotiated.”

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