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Jay Z challenged Jay Electronica to put his album out. Then they both laughed.

There’s no telling how many people have almost died holding their breaths for a Jay Electronica album. Ever since he signed to Jay Z‘s Roc Nation back in 2010, Jay has teased his fans with a cameo appearance here and there and an “I got you” whenever asked if Act II is coming out.

Well, we have more news about the project. It does appear that an album may actually exist. But, we still don’t know if it’s coming out.

The two Jays were spotted together at a TIDAL party in Electronica’s hometown New Orleans during NBA All-Star Weekend. At the end of the night Electronica thanked Jay for being there and even revealed that he just bought a church in the city. Then when he asked Jay to say some words to the people, Jay told Electronica, “let’s go put this album out.”

The crowd cheered. The Jays laughed. Because obviously, they both know that’s not happening anytime soon.