Hey, have you ever seen Amber Rose‘s nipple? Well here’s your chance.

The Bey Hive is in formation stinging Amber Rose into possible oblivion for comparing herself to their queen. In the latest attempt at keeping her name in the circle of nonsense, Rose questioned why Bey doesn’t receive the same criticism for being “half-naked” as she and Kim Kardashian.

It looks like Amber Rose may have another notch in her belt (no sexism). Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama is reportedly dating Toronto Raptors small forward, and former NBA Slam Dunk champion, Terrence Ross. 

Amber Rose has already established that she’s proud of her curves and flaunts her formidable physical assets with the best of them. Starting next month, fans of Rose will be able to play with the starlet as her image will be rendered into a playable 3D character.

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are in Trinidad for Carnival rocking bikinies. So it goes without saying that they are posting pics of themselves on the ‘Gram.

Recently, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose posted a video clip of themselves hugged up on Snapchat. The former couple insist they are just trolling, but they are back to being good friends, though. 

To quote Group Home, “the world’s about to end.” Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose—who just about everyone figured are sworn enemies—posted a selfie with each other to their respective Instagram pages on Feb. 2.

It’s almost a full day after Kanye West came for Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose via Twitter and the fallout is still a hot topic. Yeezy’s targets have returned more fire, with Wiz’s insults coming on stage while his ex-wife’s arrived via her podcast.

Drake and Amber Rose were spotted having dinner in Miami. Thus, they together now—purely off speculation, of course. 

Whether Amber Rose is actually a feminist will be debated from here to eternity, or until she stops thirst trapping. Nevertheless, the woman fighting to not be known as Kanye West’s ex or Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama was photographed by Paper magazine in the guise of iconic feminists and female leaders.

Amber Rose woke up this morning (December 2) feeling like she had something she wanted to share with the world. And no, it wasn’t her gawdawful, gaudy Windex bottle iPhone case.

Amber Rose is trending, but it’s not because she made a cameo on ABC’s Black-ish last night or set a thirst trap. Instead, Rose is getting dragged because of financial advice she offers that pretty much contradicts her alleged feminism.