The Late Show With David Letterman commemorated legendary band, The Beatles, with a five-day long celebration that closed last night. Onlookers were in for a treat, as Lauryn Hill concluded a string of shows the featured guests like Lenny Kravitz, Sting, Flaming Lips, and Broken Bells.

Rappers and drugs go back like babies and pacifiers. Even when Melle Mel was talking about “White Lines” back in the day, the game continues to have a prominent love affair with the lush and illicit pharmaceuticals life. Fortunately for Hip-Hop, there are lyricists who are proud not to drink, smoke or do drugs.

UPDATE: Ms. Hill announced dates for five more shows between December 15 and December 28. See them after the jump. It was previously announced that Lauryn Hill planned to embark on a tour prior to serving her three months on house arrest. Today, the Grammy winning singer announced that her first show since being released […]

Lauryn Hill was just released from federal prison a few days ago, and she’s not wasting anytime when it comes to getting her music career back on track. Reportedly, despite being ordered to three months of home confinement as part of her jail sentence for tax evasion, the ex-Fugees singer and MC is going on […]

Lauryn Hill is a free woman. The ex-Fugees singer and MC was released from federal prison this morning (Oct. 4) after serving a 3-month sentence for tax evasion. 

On the tail end of a three month bid for tax evasion, Lauryn Hill has a loaded conversation on a track titled “Consumerism.” And she’s back to good old fashioned rappity-rap, too.

Lauryn Hill‘s classic solo debut album, The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, is 15-years-old today (August 25). Sadly, Hill is currently serving a three-month jail sentence for tax evasion. 

Lauryn Hill is currently serving a three-month prison sentence for tax evasion. The Fugees rapper/singer began her bid on July 8, and has penned a letter to her supporters, thanking them for the letters they have sent her.

Uncle Sam doesn’t care who you are. If you try to front on his dough, you either pay up or go to jail, or even both. The latter is the case for Lauryn Hill, who started her three-month prison sentence for tax evasion today.

What happened with Lauryn Hill and her residency at a New Jersey mansion is a matter of opinion and perspective. The jail bound singer has agreed to move out of a home in South Orange whose landlord sued her to get out citing unpaid rent. 

While the clock is ticking on Lauryn Hill‘s impending prison term, she took some time out to thank her supporters who have been vocal during this time. Ms. Hill took her gratitude to her Tumblr page, where she listed several names of people who wrote letters to the judge on her behalf. The names traveled […]

Lauryn Hill has a new explanation for why she didn’t pay taxes: slavery. A quote taken from inside the courtroom revealed the New Jersey native’s statement to the judge and from the sounds of it, Hill’s ancestors may be to blame.