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'Marvel's Spider-Man 2' Is The Best Superhero Game Per Critics

Source: Insomniac Games / Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is just days away from swinging onto PS5 consoles, and the reviews are coming, with many critics having nothing but great things to say about the upcoming game.

It’s been roughly four years since Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man launched on the PS4 console, and the follow-up but not as lengthy, and 2020’s Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales gave us the first taste of a Spidey game on the PS5.

After years of waiting, the third game in Insomniac’s trilogy has arrived, and most critics are calling it the best superhero game ever.

That says a lot, as the title unanimously belonged to Batman: Arkham City, but it looks like the webhead has swung in and kicked the Dark Knight off the throne.

So What Exactly Are The Critics Saying?

Once the review embargo was up, the overwhelmingly positive reviews started pouring, with critics praising the new switching ability, story, and other features.

“Insomniac has nailed that rarest of video game development feats. The team has landed a trilogy of games that all stand strong on their own merits but unite into a sweeping saga made better by experiencing its entirety,” Matt Miller, Game Informer’s Editor in Chief, said in his review, giving the game a 9.5 out of 10.

He continued, “With Spider-Man 2, the developer has found what makes superhero stories worth telling (and retelling) and given its likable heroes the journey they deserve.”

“Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 improves on its predecessor across the board while saluting the superhero genre over the last 30 years as a whole,” Joe Donnelly wrote in his review for Gamesradar, giving the game a perfect score.

Spider-Man 2 is exceptional. In your hands, it’s the best a superhero game has ever felt. On your eyes, it’s a pure tour de force of what the PlayStation 5 can do. On your heart, it’s heavy, enticing, exciting,” Dom Peppiat wrote in his review for VG27, giving the game a perfect score.

Sounds lit, and we can’t wait to play. We also suggest you utilize that mute button on X to keep spoilers off your timeline.

You can see more reactions about the game in the gallery below.

Photo: Insomniac Games / Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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