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Xbox Series X Console Wraps

Source: Xbox / Xbox Series X Console Wraps

Xbox has been rolling out the custom Xbox Series X and Series S consoles that were exclusive and not available for purchase. Now, Xbox is giving Series X owners a way to add some flavor to the big black box.

Monday, August 21, Xbox decided to take a page out of PlayStation’s book by allowing Xbox Series X owners to finally add a bit of a personal touch to their consoles.

Like the PS5 custom plates, there are now Xbox Series X Console Wraps, but they are much easier to put on your console.

Per Xbox:

The wraps were designed specifically for Series X and have a custom, precision fit. Every detail was taken into consideration to ensure your console performance is preserved– vents are all clear, and small feet were added to the bottom of the wraps to ensure air can flow freely through the console.

Made with solid core panels that are layered with high-tech fabric finishes, the wraps are folded around your console and secured with a hook and loop enclosure. The interior of the wraps are printed with silicone designs that keep the wrap in place.   

Xbox Series X Console Wraps

Source: Xbox

Celebrating the forthcoming launch of Starfield, the first Console Wrap will take its cues from the Bethesda title and the Xbox exclusive and compliment the already launched Starfield Xbox Headset and controller.

How Much Will The Xbox Series X Console Wraps Cost?

The Starfield Xbox Series X Console Wrap will release in the US, Canada, and Europe on October 18 for $49.99 and is available for pre-order right now via the Microsoft Store.

If Starfield isn’t your jam, and we understand if it isn’t, Xbox is rolling out two other Console Wraps.

Series X can look forward to Artic and Mineral Camo Console Wraps launching in the US and Canada on November 10 for $44.99, and they are also available for pre-order right now.

Xbox Series X Console Wraps

Source: Xbox / Xbox Series X Console Wraps

As expected, Xbox gamers are excited about the news; you can peep the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Xbox / Xbox Series X Console Wraps