To many people’s surprise, French Montana has enough petty in him to feed a small village of gossipers. He has responded back to 50 Cent and has left him with some questions to answer.


French Montana is celebrating life in the biggest the way his bank account is allowing him to do so. He just spent mansion money on a luxury automobile.

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If you are casually interested in how Floyd Mayweather spends his money (and nearly 9 million Instagram followers allude to that being a reality) then boy do you have a new topic of discussion for the week.

Justin Bieber’s gift of waking up in a new Bugatti from his Uncle Birdman was indeed a generous one, yet it wasn’t exactly what we assumed it to be.

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The automotive industry owes more to Hip-Hop than it probably realizes, especially with all the free publicity rappers have given out over the years. Similar to jewelry, girls, houses, alcohol, and even molly (for a little while), spitting on your car game is an easy way to fill up lyrical space and gloat about your […]

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With only 14 days to go until Nothing Was The Same‘s release, Drake debuts a brief trailer in support of the album. From our summation, this was just an opportunity to stunt, though.

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Ace Hood knows how to make a hit, but he’s also intent on making a full-fledged quality project. The Florida rapper’s “Bugatti” single is certified gold, and he looks to keep the momentum going with  Trial & Tribulations, out July 16.

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Remember the days when Lil Wayne would snatch the beat from the hottest record out and totally demolish it? Sorry to say that like all good things, that came to an end. Well, that is until Weezy’s version of Ace Hood’s hit “Bugatti” hit the Internets.

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Most rappers are faking it ’til they make it. Don’t put Drake in that category, though. Reportedly, the Toronto rapper recently a copped a Bugatti. 


The Transformers 4 film is stepping its car game up. Michael Bay’s fourth installment in the series will add some new changes to the story.

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In an event you can’t say you didn’t see coming, T-Pain took to Instagram to take a few shots at Epic Records recording artist, Future. 

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Ace Hood gets in trouble with 5-0 in this new video for his latest street single, “Bugatti.”